Show Dates in Preview

You may, in fact, be going crazy, but please don't put the blame on us. It's probably your kids' fault. Anyway, if you have entered all your dates in the sign up creation wizard, but don't see them all on the preview screen or the actual live sign up... then you probably have not assigned slots (at Step 4: Slots) to all of your dates.

Log into  Click the "Created" tab and click the pencil icon (edit) to the right of your sign up.  First, go to Step 3: Dates & Times and make sure all your dates/times are represented. Then click Step 4: Slots.  This page shows all the items or slots that you want people to sign up for. The "Show for date time" area shows which dates/times you assigned each slot to.  You can click "Edit" next to a slot, and then "Edit Selected" at the top of the page to adjust the assigned dates/times.

Posted by SignUpGenius