Remove Past Dates from Sign Ups

You're one of those people who used to put the big red "X" on every day of your calendar once it was over, weren't you? No, really, we get it. We recognize it's a bit of a pain to scroll through a bunch of past dates to get to openings on a sign up.  We offer  the ability to "hide" past dates and future dates for our Pro users.   If you are interested in finding out more about our Pro options you can click HERE.

To "hide" dates that have passed or dates in the future, you will log into your account, select the "Created" tab, and click the pencil (edit) icon to the right of the sign up. You will then go to Step 3: Dates/Times.   At the bottom of this page you will see  "Advanced Settings."  You can click on this to expand the section.  Click on the button to turn the option "on." Now choose to hide past dates, future dates, or both.  

Generally, we don't recommend that you keep more than one year of information on a sign up since managing it with all those dates can be a bit cumbersome.  You can use the "Reports" option on the left side of your account page to run a report including all of the sign up data to save to Excel.  After you save that data, you can return to your sign up and click "Edit Content" from the Admin Toolbar.  At Step 3: Dates/Times you can remove old dates from the sign up, and the data associated with them.

Posted by SignUpGenius